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Secondary residences

Would you like to own a second home for weekends? Do you wish you could enjoy summer activities and winter sports or plan family vacations? Do you long for a well-deserved rest by escaping the city or have a home base for occasional business trips? Would you like optimize your children’s educational experience by buying them an apartment just 2 steps away from their chosen university? Whether it be for a year-round home, a seasonal cottage for family vacations or a downtown condominium, the secondary residence programs offered by our lenders were created to help make your plans a reality.

Over the years, your primary residence has certainly increased in value. Use this net accumulated worth on your residence in order to free up a down payment or perhaps even fully pay for your secondary residence.

Do you dream of buying a year-round or seasonal home away from home?

How about a cottage, country home or condo for a change of scenery, a place to create happy memories?

Before taking those first steps in making your dream a reality, you must be well prepared. Why not take advantage of some sound advice? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Your personal situation, desired services and priorities
  • You must consider all the financial and practical consequences of your purchase for the next 3 to 5 years. Keep in mind that location is key. Also consider your other lifelong goals, your specific needs and any planned changes to your lifestyle.
  • Economic activity and potential value appreciation
  • The location and zoning of your property can have an effect on your budget plan as well as resale value. Is it in a sought-after sector? Are taxes reasonable? Is the zoning suitable?
  • Your expectations for energy efficiency and health
  • Here are some criteria to help guide you in your choices:
    • Type of house and dimensions
    • Ventilation and heating system
    • Insulation quality (degree of tightness of the house envelope)
    • Door and window performance
    • Materials used and possible effects on the health of occupants
    • Air and water quality

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